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Starting a business from scratch is an adventure.

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Oct 23, 2018

The best towns, just like the best businesses, have a story. 

There’s a simple reason why.  Because every single one of us is wired to connect with a great story.  We connect with the characters, love their simple flaws that remind us of our own, yell at the bad guys in a way we probably couldn’t in real life, and use the story to analyze our own perspectives on the world, how we would have done it, how we would have become the hero…or the villain.

Our guest today has actually built the fabric of our town's story in a variety of ways.  First he wrote for a local public radio show called A Moment of Science, then he crafted many of the stories in Bloomington’s own magazine called Bloom.  Most recently, he when out on his own and started a podcast called BTown LowDown. 

Btown Low Down, which has gained a ton of notoriety even though it’s less than a year old, breaks down the goings on in our little southern Indiana community.  Jeremy Shere and his cohost Jen Richler, chat about upcoming events, local phenomenons, and even some of our towns history.  Then they interview a guest that has insight into those goings on.  The result is a snapshot of the weekly culture of one not so sleepy town.

So here is exactly what you’ll get from our conversation: Jeremy’s backstory and why he loves to write nonfiction pieces.  His option on what makes good content, and finally the steps he took to launch BTown LowDown and gain hundreds of listeners per episode from the very beginning.

Patreon Aftershow

And then, if that wasn’t enough, we head over to Patreon for the after show.  Jeremy is a musician as well so I asked him to break down one of his favorite songs and why.  The conversation that followed was a story in and of itself.  A deep dive into the structure and history of one of the most famous songs ever written.

We’re glad you joined us.

Overview of the conversation:
  • Podcasts we’re listening to (4:30)
  • Jeremy’s youth, born to be in media (9:00)
  • A timeline of Jeremy’s history in media (12:20)
  • Creating content and what is storytelling (24:00)
  • The Btown Lowdown origin story (35:30)
  • How he got the word out about the podcast (43:30)
Mentioned in the episode:

Up and Vanished

Joe Rogan

Hardcore History

Beautiful Anonymous

A Moment of Science

Bloom Magazine

The Mystery Show

Tape Podcast with Mooj


Special thanks to Jeremy Shere for taking the time to share the Btown Lowdown story with us


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