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Starting a business from scratch is an adventure.

In the episodes below we dig deep into the systems, secrets, and stories of remarkable people who dropped everything to start a healthy profitable business.

Sep 18, 2018

It's time to get reflective.  This episode is all about when Scratch Entrepreneur is at and where we're headed. Jeremy talks why this podcast exists, how we do what we do, where we're at, and what's next.

Here's a breakdown:

Last Week:  How to get your first 200 customers with Jonathan Grzybowski (2:32)


Next Week: Mike McAfee – Director of the NFP Visit Bloomington


This week on Patreon: Jeremy’s StoryCorp interview with McKenzie


Overview of the conversation:


Section One: Why we do this

  • How we started Scratch Entrepreneur (6:30)
  • The insights that Scratch provides:
    • I love to hear the successes and failures that other biz owners experience (12:10)
    • The insights they’ve gained over the years (15:30)


Section Two: How we do this

  • The first few episodes (21:45)
  • The next 30 episodes (22:30)
  • The team now (24:15)


Section Three: Where were headed

  • Original Mission (27:15)
  • As people starting hearing about the show, broader opportunities have started to be available. (30:15) 
  • On air executive coaching with David Quick (32:40)
  • Our Patreon (34:30)


A question for you - How is this podcast adding to YOUR life, to helping you make better business decisions, to you feeling like other people have to same struggles and successes that you’ve experienced.


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