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Starting a business from scratch is an adventure.

In the episodes below we dig deep into the systems, secrets, and stories of remarkable people who dropped everything to start a healthy profitable business.

Aug 28, 2018

Simone & Malcolm Collins are venture capitalists, marketing gurus, entrepreneurs, and authors.  They're on a personal and professional journey towards the perfect iteration of themselves.  We talk about that, their opinion about where most start up pitches go wrong, and why they feel Latin America is poised for big wins.

We’re glad you joined us.

Episode topics include:

  • How Malcolm proposed (1:50)
  • Build a business in developing countries (7:45)
  • Presenting your business to investors (9:30)
  • What’s a pragmatist? (14:00)
  • The idealogical tree (22:30)
  • How do you want people to see you? (24:00)
  • Where will Simone and Malcolm be in 5 years? (26:45)

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Special thanks to Simone and Malcolm for taking the time to share the Pragmatist Guide to Life story with us


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