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Starting a business from scratch is an adventure.

In the episodes below we dig deep into the systems, secrets, and stories of remarkable people who dropped everything to start a healthy profitable business.

Jan 16, 2019

Have you ever met someone who had their whole life figured out before they’d learned how to tie their shoes? Most of us have no idea what we want to be when we grow up. Or we think we do, but with age and gray hairs realize pro baseball probably isn’t going to happen...


Others stumble purely by chance into dream careers, never looking back. Enter Matt Ellenwood of Matte Black Architecture.


Join us as he begins his professional journey in the sixth grade on Career Day. Follow him as he builds a flourishing career out of small beginnings in Muncie, larger than life skyscrapers in Seattle, and finally a beautiful mix of modern and traditional in our beloved Bloomington.


If you’re curious to learn how:

  • architecture is the perfect mix of art, math, and problems (time and money);
  • the healthiest, most profitable businesses find a balance between making money and helping people; and
  • everything comes full circle when Matt talks entrepreneurship with his son’s fourth grade class,

go ahead and hit play.



Special thanks to Matt Ellenwood for sharing his story with us



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