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Starting a business from scratch is an adventure.

In the episodes below we dig deep into the systems, secrets, and stories of remarkable people who dropped everything to start a healthy profitable business.

Aug 14, 2018

Have you ever bought a house? I remember the first time I did. It was a really beat up old bungalow with great old bones. I fell in love immediately even though I probably shouldn’t have. The one thing I didn’t do, that I really should have, is hire a realtor. They probably would have noted that the basement was leaky and flooded every time it rained, or that the bathroom was actually just an old back porch with a shower plopped in it, or that we were paying way too much for the work we were going to have to do. I didn’t hire a realtor because, well, I wasn’t very smart about it.

Our guest today would have been the perfect guy to help. He is a realtor who's helped people just like me buy houses, sell houses, flip houses, and even rent houses. In the world of real estate, he’s done it all. Along the way he’s been growing a community of raving fans. Like most realtors, he started by joining a realty group. You’ve probably heard the names FC Tucker, Berkshire Hathaway, RE Max, and on and on. These are engines that a new realtor can join and have access to help.

But Donald Griffin eventually got the entrepreneurial itch. He decided he wanted control and the ability to carve his own path. So he he jumped out on his own and started Griffin Realty. You’ll hear that story and his insights into real estate, owning a business, and everything in between.

We’re glad you joined us.

Episode topics include:
  • Outsourcing what you’re not good at
  • What’s OCHA?
  • Advertising
  • Strange things Donald has seen showing homes
  • Top tips for showing your home
  • Being yourself in your brand
  • How Donald built an amazing team
Mentioned in the episode:

Special thanks to Donald Griffin for taking the time to share the Griffin Realty story with us

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